Alex Lototzky Barramundi BBQ BBQ designed for wood fires
Barramundi BBQ BBQ designed for wood fires is Iron Design Award winner in 2011 - 2012 Home Appliances Design Award Category.
Barramundi BBQ BBQ designed for wood fires

Extremely compact fully dismantlable design for smallest stored footprint and mobility. Shown here with a firebowl and base, the Barramundi BBQ design is specifically designed to be independant of the fire container. Plates designed for optimum performance over wood fires but can be used over any heat source. Plates are interchangable and reversable. They can also be removed while hot and placed on the table to keep food warm. Assembly relies only on interlocking of the individual parts and gravity.

Barramundi BBQ BBQ designed for wood fires
Alex Lototzky Barramundi BBQ
Alex Lototzky BBQ designed for wood fires
Alex Lototzky design
Alex Lototzky design

Yagoona is a small family run design studio. Alex Lototzky is the principal designer and driving force behind Yagoona. Yagoona can be best embodied by it’s the pursuit of simple, modern beauty in functional objects. Embedded behind each project is a deep respect for nature and environment. This is tangibly embodied with a focus on such aspects as; local manufacture, responsible logistics, and product longevity. We always aim to correctly consider environmental impacts in tandem with simple financial facts when making design decisions. It is not uncommon for us to decide on a more expensive path when environmental concerns overrode cost savings. Currently the ‘Yagoona inspiration’ revolves around outdoor rusty steel objects. Iron being a base natural element, it’s slow graceful return to its natural state, while retaining it’s robust practical properties is beautiful material to work with.