Nantapoom Chumpengphan Compression Can Drinks Can
Compression Can Drinks Can is Iron Design Award winner in 2010 - 2011 Packaging Design Award Category.
Compression Can Drinks Can

This recyclable drinks can is designed with the environment in mind. A thin layer of liquid-proof membrane is squashed between a graphics carrying cardboard outer layer and an aluminium cap top and secured in place by means of a modified low-profile zip-tie mechanically attached at tension. When the retainer sleeve used to interface the zip-tie teeth is cut away (after it has served its purpose), the entire can falls apart into its separate components. All these parts are free of adhesive bonding so doesn't produce material contamination that interferes with the recycling process.

Compression Can Drinks Can
Nantapoom Chumpengphan Compression Can
Nantapoom Chumpengphan Drinks Can
Nantapoom Chumpengphan design
Nantapoom Chumpengphan design