Guido Formenti Vetrina nel Vento Shelf
Vetrina nel Vento Shelf is Silver Design Award winner in 2010 - 2011 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Award Category.
Vetrina nel Vento Shelf

This product is a unique examplar not only due to the hand-work, but principally to the four columns’ particular design. Every column is different from the others and the shelves’ bearing were expressly created for the work.

Vetrina nel Vento Shelf
Guido Formenti Vetrina nel Vento
Guido Formenti Shelf
Guido Formenti design
Guido Formenti design
Guido Formenti

He is not a great technician, he didn’t frequent professional schools of great artists, everything he knows has been learned from his father, few years of carpentry and working as much as possible to get always better and better. he says "I've got a special gift", he can see around with "the eyes of the heart". Immersed in the solitude and silence of the mountain, far from noises and thoughts, he sees figures of various shapes in the surrounding landscape. Figures that allow him to draw and create useful and important objects that transmit emotions and sensations in everyday life.