Tomohiro Kaji Dotline Corporate Identity
Dotline Corporate Identity is Golden Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Dotline Corporate Identity

Dotline has been facing a huge business challenge, which is as same as others in the welfare industry: a shortage of human resources. This identity system design is to inspire a company’s vision to their staff, candidates, and related people. The company’s vision is Social Heroes. Dotline sees all staff who come for help in someone's daily life as heroes. The logo is a graphical symbol of a hero flipping a cloak and moving forward designed from the letters, D+L. As Dotline provides 7 business categories, the logos come in 7 different colors with each business name typed with a brand typeface

Dotline Corporate Identity
Tomohiro Kaji Dotline
Tomohiro Kaji Corporate Identity
Tomohiro Kaji design
Tomohiro Kaji design
Tomohiro Kaji

Tomohiro Kaji is a former creative director for UNIQLO Co., Ltd. He graduated from Academy of Art University, San Francisco and joined UNIQLO Co., Ltd. in 2008 as the first graphic designer in its communications field. He’s built and managed an in-house creative team contributing global branding projects including HEATTECH and Ultra Light Down product branding, product marketing and digital integraded campaigns. He founded TOMODACHI Ltd. ( in 2019, a brand design boutique to help client go on a new frontier, and became its representative director. Tomohiro has opened Kishu-Ann, a renovated villa built about 200 years ago to provide a stay of unexplored authentic Japanese experience. (

Dotline Co., Ltd.

Aging is one of Japan's major social problems. Dotline - founded in 2011 in Chiba prefecture, Japan - is one of the major companies in welfare industry that provides multifaceted medical and welfare services such as on call medical / nursing, home care, work support and eduction for seniors and disabilities to solve this social problem.