Antonia Skaraki The Wine Bag Packaging
The Wine Bag Packaging is Bronze Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Packaging Design Award Category.
The Wine Bag Packaging

Made exclusively for Lidl, as a Christmas Limited Edition, AS created the packaging for 1.5lt wine-in-box semi-dry wine, for the client The Wine Barrel. The container was designed to resemble a handbag, with the addition of golden elements to evoke a festive mood and give a sense of luxury. The incorporation of leather texture elevated its appearance, giving it a realistic and expensive feel. To complete the transformation, a red string was attached as a strap, lending authenticity to the bag's design.

The Wine Bag Packaging
Antonia Skaraki The Wine Bag
Antonia Skaraki Packaging
Antonia Skaraki design
Antonia Skaraki design
The Wine Bag

Inspired by fashion whose trends influence the majority of people’s lifestyle, A.S. decided to market a wine targeting mainly women, as fashion accessory. A twist on the rule “the bag matches the shoes” transformed the theme of the idea into “the bag matches the wine”.