Tomoya Akasaka MRC Vison Market
MRC Vison Market is Golden Design Award winner in 2023 - 2024 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
MRC Vison Market

The design of Marche Vison was rooted in an effort to preserve an authentic mountain experience whilst ensuring accessibility for wheelchair and pushchair users. The structure, divided into four buildings, incorporates tiered platforms connected with ramps, maintaining the fun of a trail-like stroll and the fluidity of the view. This upward movement, from the terrain to the expansive roofs, encourages the gaze upwards. A distinctive aspect of this design is the continuous eaves running across the buildings, creating a long cascading curtain of rain, promoting a deeper connection with nature.

MRC Vison  Market
Tomoya Akasaka MRC Vison
Tomoya Akasaka  Market
Tomoya Akasaka design
Tomoya Akasaka design
Tomoya Akasaka

Tomoya Akasaka is a holistic architect, boasting a career of over 25 years in the fields of architecture, urban design, and landscape. He is the founder and principal architect of ORGA-Lab, a multidisciplinary platform that marries art, products, and landscape, with architecture at its core. He is a licensed First-class Registered Architect. His objective is to devise authentic environments that stimulate and captivate the human senses, implementing a comprehensive approach that takes into account the interaction between time, space, and the five senses. His broad portfolio includes a variety of projects both in Japan and internationally, placing a strong emphasis on urban motifs and cultural contexts. He has earned several accolades, such as the Asia Pacific Property Awards, and has showcased his artistic and innovative vision in various exhibitions and workshops. Additionally, he is an experienced educator, having served as an adjunct lecturer at multiple universities.


Tomoya Akasaka has been captivated by the interplay between time, space, and the five senses since his school days and has pursued creative research activities, concentrating on urban experiences in Japan and internationally. In 2008, he founded Orga-Lab, an architectural design studio. He incorporated insights from his earlier creative research into his work, primarily focusing on commercial projects. Throughout his career, he has sought to conceive architecture in a broader perspective. In 2020, upon incorporation, he re-envisioned Orga-Lab as a multidisciplinary platform, with architecture as one essential facet. Orga-Lab strives to create genuine environments that enliven and stimulate the human body, by taking a holistic approach, merging art, products, and landscape with architecture as the central element.