Xiutao FU Trinity Collection Home Fragrance
Trinity Collection Home Fragrance is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Homeware Design Award Category.
Trinity Collection Home Fragrance

The Trinity Collection is inspired by ice, which represents the moment in eternity and the eternal moment. The trinity of ice, water, and air could picture the dynamic change of moment, memory, and emotion. It intends to bring users back to true nature, by reproducing natural beauty with auditory, visual, olfactory, and tactile arts. With essence extracted from natural plants, it integrates natural aesthetics into the fragrance, only to preserve a uniqueness in the ever-changing world, and to let the extraordinary taste and style become a classic heirloom.

Trinity Collection Home Fragrance
Xiutao FU Trinity Collection
Xiutao FU Home Fragrance
Xiutao FU design
Xiutao FU design
Xiutao FU

Xiutao Fu, is a multi-product designer within accessory, jewellery and product. Xiutao graduated from the London College of Fashion with a Master of Fashion Artefact and now base China. Prior to taking the Master’s course in London, she was trained in product production at College of Design and Innovation (Tongji University) of Industrial Design & Jewellery Design in Shanghai. Xiutao expanded her design experiences by designing various of products and cooperating with manufacturers to produce. Therefore, she possesses a board knowledge of technique (traditional handcraft/ industrial manufacture/ 3D printing)as well as material (leather/ metal/ plastic/ paper/ silicone/ wood/ gemstones). Xiutao commited in bringing traditional culture in contemporary context, and enjoyed in challenging the boundary between handcraft and advanced technologhy, presenting timeless beauty.


The meaning of Mattenai is a gift from heaven, and the brand strives to bring that beauty to the world. Mattenai aims to present timeless elegance and natural beauty through high quality products and good design. Their pieces are created with attention to detail, and crafted with care to ensure that each piece is unique and of the highest quality. Each product is designed to bring a sense of joy, and to add a special touch of luxury to any occasion. Mattenai is committed to creating beautiful pieces that can be enjoyed and cherished for a lifetime.