KuKuk Box GmbH Kukuk Box Mobile Playground
Kukuk Box Mobile Playground is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Playground Equipment, Play Structures and Public Park Design Award Category.
Kukuk Box Mobile Playground

Brought by truck, unfolded, swung and set up - the new playground is ready! KuKuk Box is a new category of extraordinary public playgrounds for children. Made of shipping containers, natural wood and stainless steel, it creates a magical space that invites children to climb, swing, jump and balance. The new look is a perfect combination of industrial design and traditional craftsmanship that brings fun and joy to a new generation, mobile and trendy.

Kukuk Box Mobile Playground
KuKuk Box GmbH Kukuk Box
KuKuk Box GmbH Mobile Playground
KuKuk Box GmbH design
KuKuk Box GmbH design
KuKuk Box GmbH

KuKuk has been planning and building artistically designed, innovative and style-defining play and outdoor spaces worldwide for over 25 years. Under the KuKuk Box brand, the experienced team of artists, architects, carpenters, metalworkers and educators has now developed this new category of mobile public play facilities.