Hsiang-Peng Chang The Box Architecture
The Box Architecture is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
The Box Architecture

The open-wide greenery of the outer spaces seems to detach these pure white houses from the bustling metropolis. The architectural appearance constituted by an abstract geometric quadrilateral form blends into the background of the settlement. The Box is designed with an inset and outset arrangement of physical and virtual squares, creating a microclimate in respect of physical space and vivid living imaginations. Simple actions surprisingly constitute the key characteristics of this design.

The Box Architecture
Hsiang-Peng Chang The Box
Hsiang-Peng Chang Architecture
Hsiang-Peng Chang design
Hsiang-Peng Chang design
Hsiang-Peng Chang

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Satoyama Construction

Satoyama Construction is an architecture development company from Taiwan that passes on the proven architectural capabilities of the previous generation for over three decades. It has infused the capabilities into the new-generation aesthetic and residential view and endeavored to practice the Satoyama’s initiative which was the first put forward in Japan. The company spreads a thinking in a way that makes a trade-off between environment and nature, and always creates good architectural works with good construction quality. In regarding to the business philosophy for Satoyama Construction, good architecture is not just a paperwork. Satoyama always put effort to fulfill the idea in architecture and create better work. To deliver a new living experience from the design for customers is important to Satoyama Construction!