Eyyup Karayigit Mamba 80 Power Catamaran
Mamba 80 Power Catamaran is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Category.
Mamba 80 Power Catamaran

The exterior design of a boat is the mirror of its user. Features such as interior design, engine capacity, performance, etc. are all considered after the acclaimed exterior design. Mamba 80, which has a striking design with its special exterior design lines, is a model that minimizes vibration with its catamaran body, has an aesthetic that will attract the attention of everyone who looks from the outside, and with its aggressive structure, it has a completely different design from the models produced in its class.

Mamba 80 Power Catamaran
Eyyup Karayigit Mamba 80
Eyyup Karayigit Power Catamaran
Eyyup Karayigit design
Eyyup Karayigit design
Eyyup Karayigit

Eyyup Karayigit is a versatile designer who can bring his products to life by combining experience with creativity. According to today's designers, the biggest difference we have seen in him is that all his designs are made up of projects that can be manufactured and that they are drawn in a way that facilitates production while they are still at the drawing stage. He also produced all of his designs. According to him, a real designer should not limit himself, if he can draw a boat today, he should be able to work on a furniture drawing tomorrow. With years of experience, Karayiğit is a designer who can understand what the other person wants and can create a design according to his wishes and style (classic, modern, luxury, etc.).

Barva Yachts

Eyyüp Karayiğit founded Barva Yacht to produce his own designs. From interior design to boat design, it has its own signature.