sungjae Han Object Series Audio and Sound Equipment
Object Series Audio and Sound Equipment is Golden Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Audio and Sound Equipment Design Award Category.
Object Series Audio and Sound Equipment

The object series is a high-end speaker, and the Vicuna technology, which has been producing string instruments for more than 100 years in France, is applied with the Vicuna technology to process reflective sounds. In addition, unlike commercially available speakers, circular soundboxes can be designed separately to convey the original sound to the listener without interfering with each other's sounds. And the shape of the pipes together has the appearance of blooming like a flower.

Object Series Audio and Sound Equipment
sungjae Han Object Series
sungjae Han Audio and Sound Equipment
sungjae Han design
sungjae Han design
sungjae Han

He naturally became interested in painting and music from an early age due to the influence of his parents who were doing art. After continuing his artistic activities, he majored in crafts in college and started making speakers with good sound quality and design. The most special thing about the speakers he makes is that the most suitable form for sound quality is the design itself. He was in charge of designing sound equipment in many countries for about 10 years, and developed and released sound equipment technology five years ago. In addition, we are invited to design fairs in various countries and participate in the exhibition every year, and we are also working on collaborative projects with various brands.

Ballon de Paris

In 1921, a special way and experience of repairing instruments in the old family of tuners in the village of Louveron, France, gave birth to the audio speaker of Ballon de Paris. Louis Garrell, the founder of the first generation, discovered that if the range of a musical instrument goes over two octaves or below three octaves, the sound is distorted. He solved the distortion by using Vicuna wool, called the fiber of God, and this technique is called the "Vicuna Method." So, with his brothers, he established a firm called "Ballon De Paris" with the technology he had learned to make, tune, and learn string instruments. Ballon De Paris is a brand that contains the Garrel family's ideology, which has been aimed exclusively at accurate sound transmission for over 100 years.