Divintok Technology Underwater Transceiver Transmission Device
Underwater Transceiver Transmission Device is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Communication Equipment, Devices and Apparatus Design Award Category.
Underwater Transceiver Transmission Device

Underwater Transceiver-mini is a wireless transmission device that supports real-time voice communication depending on the principle of underwater acoustic communication. This device comprises an underwater unit and a bite-contact microphone. Scuba divers can wear it to have free communication with others. A light, wearable and affordable product that assures stable sound quality is expected to deliver a more pleasant diving experience.

Underwater Transceiver Transmission Device
Divintok Technology Underwater Transceiver
Divintok Technology Transmission Device
Divintok Technology design
Divintok Technology design
Divintok Technology

Divintok is the world's leading provider of underwater communication solutions. We provide underwater communication products adapted to half-mask respirator. DIVINTOK is committed to bringing the extensive use of clear, reliable and secure underwater communication devices to diving, so that everyone who is fond of diving can "getting back to the ocean, as if walking on land". Headquartered in Singapore and with many subsidiaries and offices operated in China and abroad, DIVINTOK is currently served by around 100 employees worldwide and its footprints are set in over 100 countries.