Hu Jijun Galaxy Trail X Mid-Autumn Festival Food Packaging
Galaxy Trail X Mid-Autumn Festival Food Packaging is Golden Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Packaging Design Award Category.
Galaxy Trail X Mid-Autumn Festival Food Packaging

This is the Mid-Autumn Festival food gift box have been designed for clients. Unlike the standard flat iron boxes, designers elevated the top of the metal outer casing by one centimeter, which may result in additional production and transportation cost. Despite the challenges posed by this modification, it is this yearning to break through the plane and reach for the stars that fuel humanity's boundless pursuit of the universe.

Galaxy Trail X Mid-Autumn Festival Food Packaging
Hu Jijun Galaxy Trail X
Hu Jijun Mid-Autumn Festival Food Packaging
Hu Jijun design
Hu Jijun design
Hu Jijun

Hu-Jijun (Jason) is the founder and creative director of Dreamatic Design, a Branding Identity and Visual creative express developing firm in Shanghai. Hu-Jijun specializes in Branding and Packaging design, linking corporate strategies with design strategies. During the last 20 years, he has accompanied numerous national and international companies with the strategic and creative development of their brand such as Porsche, Unilever, Kerry property, Watsons, Gallo, Keebler, Kumon, Inoherb, Hilton, HESK, etc. His mission is to build and nurture a design sensitive culture for leading brands in categories as diverse as consumer goods, services, and cultural institutions. Hu-Jijun has an intimate understanding of the challenges clients face in adopting and developing branding fundamentals. He has earned a very good reputation in his professions, at 2018 he was selected as one of the top 10 outstanding young designers in Shanghai. Hu-Jijun is also a recognized facilitator. Since 2009 he was hired as an assistant professor teaching Design at SIVA/Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, and in 2016 he has been work as deputy secretary general for Shanghai Packaging Design Association. He was Cooperate and running lots of Design Thinking workshops with Nicholas Rhodes from UAL-CSM, Timothy Goodman from SVA, Christine Hesse from Hesse Design in SIVA. The faculty team he participated in SIVA was recognized as the best packaging design profession in China. The student design work they jointly guided was obtained: 2018 red dot concept design, 2018 Platinum A'design award´╝î2016 pentawards bronze award, 2014 pentawards bronze award, 2016 ASPaC Grand Prize and Silver award, it is his intention to pass on his experience and his Knowledge to his students.