Dimitrios Babakos Avaton Premium Water Bottle
Avaton Premium Water Bottle is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Packaging Design Award Category.
Avaton Premium Water Bottle

Avaton water is water produced in the Holy Mountain Athos, a sacred place where all habitats are monks for thousands of years. The design of the Avaton water bottle is like the uniform of a Mount Athos Monk, with humility and respect to the thousand histories of the Mountain, it contains one of the purest water in the world. Designers designed a tall container that is half-clothed in black and created a typography for the water's name that further conveys the mystery and value of the "sacrosanct". Avaton packaging has been conceived as one of arcane elegance and austere purity.

Avaton Premium Water Bottle
Dimitrios Babakos Avaton Premium
Dimitrios Babakos Water Bottle
Dimitrios Babakos design
Dimitrios Babakos design
Dimitrios Babakos

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Avaton Water

AVATON water originates from artesian springs at the Monastery Mountain of Mount Athos, an UNESCO world heritage site secluded from human civilization. This remote rocky outcrop has been frozen in time after hundreds of years of isolation, protecting the purity of the land and its natural springs, keeping it fresh and unobstructed by the modern world.