Chung Ping-Lun Pinch Chair
Pinch Chair is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Furniture Design Award Category.
Pinch Chair

The Pinch Chair is a unibody, stackable, plastic chair that reimagines traditional designs with a fresh aesthetic more suited to contemporary architecture and landscapes. Designed with a unibody logic, the plastic sheet transforms into a complete chair with simple pinching and pulling moves. Its seamless, cohesive appearance creates an intuitive and dynamic visual image. The design allows for stacking during storage and stable placement on a dining table when flipped upside down, which is convenient for restaurant staff to clean the floor when closing.

Pinch Chair
Chung Ping-Lun Pinch
Chung Ping-Lun Chair
Chung Ping-Lun design
Chung Ping-Lun design
Chung Ping-Lun

Chung Ping Lun, born in 1990, is a co-founder of the design firm Medium2 Studio. During his college years, he pursued a degree in product design, which led him to collaborate with classmates on various design projects. In 2015, Chung and his partners established Medium2 Studio, a company that specializes in furniture design, product design, brand identity, and graphic design services. Medium2 Studio is committed to exploring the balance between creativity and functionality, with a focus on delivering meaningful design value to its audience.


"Medium" can refer to being in between two things, or it can refer to the medium that a message is communicated through. At Medium2 Studio, we are communicators who strive for balance in the middle ground. We explore the intersections of practicality and creativity, avoiding the extremes of rigid thinking and unfettered imagination. Our goal is to help brands effectively communicate with their audiences. We take all feedback about a brand into consideration, and we approach the brand's needs from the client's perspective. We use design in just the right amount – neither too little nor too much – to create an emotional connection between a brand and its users. This enhances product depth and firmly establishes a brand's place in the popular imagination.