Martin Chan Gaze Security Gadget
Gaze Security Gadget is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Security, Safety and Surveillance Products Design Award Category.
Gaze Security Gadget

Gaze is designed to prevent theft from happening, scare away thief when theft is taking place, and assist in prosecution should the worst case scenario happens. Simply turn on Gaze and place it on your belongings; the smart digital lock, vibration sensor security alarm system and FHD 200 degree fisheye camera will be activated to actively protect itself and your property. Gaze's LED touch pad 3 digit smart digital lock protects itself against unauthorized access. When unauthorized movement is detected, the security alarm will sound continuously until it is unlocked by the user.

Gaze Security Gadget
Martin Chan Gaze
Martin Chan Security Gadget
Martin Chan design
Martin Chan design

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