Verónica Vicente Ruiz Vegan Packaging Design
Vegan Packaging Design is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Packaging Design Award Category.
Vegan Packaging Design

Packaging design for the entire range of products for a small company that produces cashew ferments and vegan cheeses. Handmade from plants with 100% vegan natural ingredients. The brand promotes the vegan lifestyle by eliminating actions of exploitation or animal suffering, as well as reducing its impact on the environment. The redesign and branding of its packaging was based on these brand premises, to emphasize the values and ethics of the brand. These premises can also be seen in the material used for the new packaging, recycled material.

Vegan Packaging Design
Verónica Vicente Ruiz Vegan
Verónica Vicente Ruiz Packaging Design
Verónica Vicente Ruiz design
Verónica Vicente Ruiz design
Verónica Vicente Ruiz

Verónica Vicente Ruiz is a graphic designer specialized in the food industry, specifically in rebranding and packaging. She mentors professional graphic designers and is an associate professor at Cesine University Center. She graduated in BB.AA. from the University of the Basque Country and with a master's degree in MBA & specialization in marketing. Winner of a bronze PENTAWARDS, International Packaging Design Award in the category of sustainable food packaging, winner of an ANUARIA National Design Award, selection for best product logo, and winner of three ARCAPACK National Packaging Design Awards, two selections better food packaging and better "ecofriendly" packaging, reduction of materials, recyclable, sustainable production, respect for the environment. Art director and founder of Veralidad studio, before creating her own studio, Verónica was co-founder of Que tono de verde. Verónica is responsible and professional. Very organized and practical. Loyal to my clients. She is very optimistic and that makes her see the good things in others, but at the same time she is realistic, she does not see unicorns or everything in pink. She never lies, she believes that lying discredits whoever does it. Verónica is an affectionate and empathetic person, for whom it is very easy to put myself in the shoes of others. She has so many ideas, her mind is constantly flowing. Until recently she thought that she was not very creative, but it is not true, she is very creative, she uses creative thinking in her day to day and has a creative personality that makes it easy for her to process and reformulate information to apply different solutions. She loves her work, she is not an automaton, she gets involved, contributes ideas and always tries to provide the best for her client, even if she doesn't like it. Thanks to the fact that she is very organized, she has the ability to carry out several projects at the same time and in turn feed each project with ideas or solutions from the other works. She has been working in design and creativity since high school, which has helped her understand and internalize the world in which she moves. She is very curious, in this profession she is essential not only to continue improving, but also to carry out projects. It's nothing gossipy, there are no ulterior motives, if she asks about you it's because there's real interest in it. She is a good and honest person. She is very cheerful, smiles and makes others feel comfortable, she goes out alone and so she is comfortable too. If she is rare, and she carries it as a flag.

Veralidad Studio

Verality is a graphic design studio specialized in the food industry in which I create and renew honest brands in the food sector with efficiency and organization to differentiate themselves from the competition and achieve their own challenges. I create and redesign the brand image of companies and entrepreneurs in the food and beverage sector. And also its packaging. I seek to create differential brands that express the values, ethics and philosophy of the business.