Kazune Watanabe Kuwasawa Design School 2022 Guidebook
Kuwasawa Design School 2022 Guidebook is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Print and Published Media Design Award Category.
Kuwasawa Design School 2022 Guidebook

School guide for Kuwasawa Design School, the first design school in Japan. In recent years, online communication has been increasing, and the line between reality and virtual is becoming blurry. In such a situation, The design team pursued the possibility of design by expressing what was recognized as digital with analog (paper and print). At first glance, it looks like an ordinary book, but the animation works when it is pulled out. The guidebook is divided into separate volumes so that people can enjoy it in various ways. They aimed for a digital expression using typography.

Kuwasawa Design School 2022 Guidebook
Kazune Watanabe Kuwasawa Design School 2022
Kazune Watanabe Guidebook
Kazune Watanabe design
Kazune Watanabe design
Kazune Watanabe

Kazune Watanabe is the esteemed founder and art director of There There Ltd. After graduating from the prestigious Kuwasawa Design School in 2005, he gained invaluable experience working at KUDO Tsuyokatsu Design Laboratory and Soup Design Ltd. (now known as BOOTLEG Ltd.). In April 2018, Mr. Watanabe embarked on an independent venture, founding "There There" which was later incorporated in March 2022.

Kuwasawa Design School

Kuwasawa Design School (KDS) was Japan’s first leading-edge design school providing education based on a mix of different approaches and perspectives. Yoko Kuwasawa, a designer and journalist, founded KDS in 1954 as an institution to teach the basics in a comprehensive fashion as well as specialized topics. Originally modeled after the German Bauhaus school, KDS curriculums have always reflected and explored the trends and changes of the contemporary era. In order to instill in each graduate the core, driving force that underlies design ̶ a force that fosters originality and the ability to find practical applications ̶ rather than merely teaching design tips and tricks, KDS has students first engage in general studies based on design fundamentals, after which they delve further into the subject by learning specialized techniques and putting their knowledge to practical use. KDS takes advantage of their Shibuya location in central Tokyo and utilizes their wide- reaching interpersonal networks to invite a diverse range of guest lecturers for public symposiums, put on exhibitions of graduates’works (which are often visited by industry professionals), and offer numerous other such presentation events and exchanges connecting KDS with the outside world. KDS has already produced more than 30,000 graduates who serve as leaders of the design world. These professionals are active in various areas of the industry and their efforts have garnered widespread praise.