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Miga Brand Design is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Miga Brand Design

Miga is a brand offering better aesthetic value, fun, portability, intelligence, and affordability to smokers, with a view to bringing pleasure to users and enhancing their experience of life attitude. The updated version of the brand identity design optimizes the typeface design and makes the logo more unified, delivers an intuitive brand impression to the user, and refreshes and diversifies the perceived feelings. To stand out from the homogeneous market competition, a new brand identity is conferred to Miga, and designers also make a connection between the logo and the intended elements.

Miga Brand Design
Li Xue - Today Design Miga
Li Xue - Today Design Brand Design
Li Xue - Today Design design
Li Xue - Today Design design
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Today Design specializes in visual creative brand design, brand strategy and design consulting. Upholding “design, service, value” as team service concept and “fun, idea, communication” as the brand essence, Today Design is endeavored to turn fantasy to commercial value, dip into the business nature in every work, and reject traditional old-fashioned branding strategy. Through systematic research and consumer insights, it is committed to exploiting unique market opportunities, helping companies establish a competitive brand, product and service system, creating an exciting brand image and user experience, drawing the attention of consumers efficiently, and maximizing business value.