Ruud Winder Rogier That Inspirationlabs Corporate Identity
Rogier That Inspirationlabs Corporate Identity is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Rogier That Inspirationlabs Corporate Identity

Suicide is the first cause of death among young people in the Netherlands. Rogier Hulst, a valued colleague, and friend of the design team passed away much too young. His mother founded Roger That to offer other young people the opportunity to receive shelter, a listening ear, and coaching. As a young designer, Rogier had a unique logo. Since Roger That originated from the death of Rogier Hulst, the agency wanted the design to stem from his design. Based on the typical logo of Rogier van Hulst, the designer made a system that represents the multi-coloreds and diversity of the youngsters.

Rogier That Inspirationlabs Corporate Identity
Ruud Winder Rogier That Inspirationlabs
Ruud Winder Corporate Identity
Ruud Winder design
Ruud Winder design
Ruud Winder

In 1995, Ruud Winder graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. After graduating, Winder founded design agency GRAS. In a short time GRAS became an Award winning internationally oriented agency making guerrilla marketing, book design, films, websites, apps and (re)brandings. In 2015 Winder developed a unique approach to developing new names and brands. The "Rebrandt® Program" method eventually grew to Rebrandt®, with which he builds and renovates brands with his team.


Rebrandt has been a 100% remote agency with independent branding experts for more than 15 years; designers, programmers, copywriters, illustrators, photographers, stylists, DTP specialists and marketing strategists all at the highest level. A team of experts with a special chemistry, who have been working together fruitfully for many years. The Rebrandt remote network is not limited to the Netherlands with a widely spread network of specialists all over the world, useful for all kinds of international projects.