Carlos Jiménez García Footsync Multifunctional App
Footsync Multifunctional App is Golden Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Category.
Footsync Multifunctional App

Footsync is a piece of Footlight Square, a project that implements interactive lights as a medium to achieve several objectives, producing cognitive games to prevent the appearance of neurological diseases or a giant-interface pump track among other elements. Footsync responds to the need to benefit from Footlight's catalogue when not possible to visit the installations. Aesthetically the App implements a visual language developed for the project, called Lightmorphism, which seeks to transmit the experience people get when using the interactive lights at Footlight Square's facility.

Footsync Multifunctional App
Carlos Jiménez García Footsync
Carlos Jiménez García Multifunctional App
Carlos Jiménez García design
Carlos Jiménez García design
Carlos Jiménez García

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