Asım Yüksel House of Joy Residential Design
House of Joy Residential Design is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
House of Joy Residential Design

The House of Joy is a colorful pet-friendly project. The house is divided into three volumes: the central volume with a living area, kitchen, and home office; the sleeping quarters with two bedrooms and two bathrooms; and the terrace quarter with the outdoor space and dining room. There is a playground and climbing area designed for cats in the TV unit. In addition, the designer integrated food containers and litter boxes into custom-made furniture. The house is dominated by amorphous lines and white tones.

House of Joy Residential Design
Asım Yüksel House of Joy
Asım Yüksel Residential Design
Asım Yüksel design
Asım Yüksel design
Asım Yüksel

Asım Yüksel was born in Giresun in the year 1991. Having joyful, excited, creative, positive-oriented, well-disciplined, analytical, practical, and solution-oriented characteristics, Asım set his mind to achieving rip-roaring work from the time he is in his right mind. Believing that the key to success is to work in a job you love and rendering self-development a passion in his life, Asım Yüksel started his journey searching for creativity with the formula for motivation and joy by pursuing his passion for designing. Asım's career choice was influenced by the jewelry stores where he spent his childhood. When his curiosity and love for design were added to his handcrafting skills, he decided to study jewelry design at university. After graduating, he moved to Istanbul to deepen his passion for art and jewelry and to develop himself further and worked as a designer in the Grand Bazaar for many years. In those years, he also worked with precious stones and made haute couture products. He also developed himself in diamonds. With his fondness for design and creation, Asım Yüksel has always wanted to design things on a larger scale. While designing with microns in jewelry design, he could not resist the urge to do things on a larger scale. With a radical decision, he re-enrolled in university and studied interior architecture. He started working while he was still a student. Asım Yüksel, who sees interior architecture as a combination of all art branches, is the founder and Design Director of Jul Happy Project. Asım Yüksel likes to take part in challenging projects, use colors and textures in his projects, play with forms, and think and plan every detail of the project down to the finest detail with the contribution of his jewelry design.