Mania Carta Luna Lankastar The Night Witch
Luna Lankastar The Night Witch is Golden Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Computer Graphics, 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Rendering Design Award Category.
Luna Lankastar The Night Witch

Luna Lankastar the Night Witch of Linerma. This mysterious witch no one knows where she came from but a long time ago, she was raised by the Goddess of Light Visatra, she teaches her all the powers and secrets that most known witches possess, so one day if the darkness arises, she will have the responsibility to protect everyone. As they are witches still trapped in another dark dimension that was created by Enix the god of chaos, Luna got a big responsibility on her back to free all the witches that were locked by the god of chaos Enix, and save Linerma from the darkness.

Luna Lankastar The Night Witch
Mania Carta Luna Lankastar
Mania Carta The Night Witch
Mania Carta design
Mania Carta design
Mania Carta

Sandstorm artist and the founder of Sandstorm, Maniacarta is a creative talented artist who she has 20 years of experience with variety of CG production content from Concept Art, Character Design, Environment, Mecha, Game Arts, Manga, Anime, Real-time Cinematics and more. She immerses herself in anything that related from fantasy to real characters, she always focus on giving soul to her characters, her works and touch are unique. For any production she make, her main tool is Blender, she always strive to create with her team the best fantasy and realistic characters quality for consumer around the world. ‚Äč


Sandstorm a High-End Digital Production Studio based in Tokyo, Japan. We specialized in making High-End Digital Characters using the latest technology. Our main production tool is Blender and Unreal Engine.