Qianying Niu Bamboo Slips Liquor
Bamboo Slips Liquor is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Packaging Design Award Category.
Bamboo Slips Liquor

A Chinese liquor bottle design inspired by ancient bamboo slips used in documenting Chinese culture and the Cang-Shan liquor distillation process has been unveiled. The black exterior exudes purity and depth, while a Chinese poem carved on bamboo slips inside adds sophistication. All materials used are sustainable and reusable, presenting a solution to the recycling dilemma in the liquor industry. This design blends calligraphy, bamboo slips, and an intricately shaped bottle to revive the reading and drinking cultures central to Asian society.

Bamboo Slips Liquor
Qianying Niu Bamboo Slips
Qianying Niu Liquor
Qianying Niu design
Qianying Niu design
Qianying Niu

Qianying Niu, a talented and dedicated designer who possesses exceptional skills in various mediums, particularly in packaging experience design within the FMCG industry. Qianying is a creative, curious, and passionate individual who takes pride in understanding her clients' needs and delivering thoughtful solutions while expressing her creativity. With experience gained from working in design agencies and corporate settings across Bridgeport, Chicago, Paris, Shanghai, and Hangzhou, Qianying has a broad perspective on the design industry. Her insights and experiences have led her to believe that the combination of design, thinking, and doing can be a powerful growth lever for sustainable development.