Hideyuki Kishihara Orizzonte 02 Card Case
Orizzonte 02 Card Case is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Award Category.
Orizzonte 02 Card Case

The card case has a beautiful design that showcases the unique and eco-friendly fish leather material. The concept of carry the scenery with you is elegantly portrayed through the use of fish leather to represent the sea waves and gradient leather to reflect the changing colors of the sky. The traditional Japanese bellows manufacturing technique of Fu-kin-machi is employed to create a sleek and easily insertable card case. The use of discarded fish skin as fish leather is an innovative and sustainable approach that contributes to reducing environmental waste.

Orizzonte 02 Card Case
Hideyuki Kishihara Orizzonte 02
Hideyuki Kishihara Card Case
Hideyuki Kishihara design
Hideyuki Kishihara design
Hideyuki Kishihara

Designer working from a new perspective, from brand production, product design to web design and graphic design, including "Bywater", an apparel brand for anglers, and "L'ora blu", a leather brand that uses fish leather and gradient leather to express the ever-changing sky and sea.

L'ora blu

The moment when the world turns blue for just a moment between the beginning and the end of the day." L'ora blu" is inspired by the sea in the "blue hour". The scale pattern of the fish leather represents "ocean waves" and the gradation leather represents "the changing sky". We depict beautiful scenery in leather and offer leather items that make you want to gaze them all the time.