Xincheng Zhang Blooming Blossom Multiwear Jewelry
Blooming Blossom Multiwear Jewelry is Platinum Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Jewelry Design Award Category.
Blooming Blossom Multiwear Jewelry

The designer integrates five culturally significant flowers, which are lotus, peony, chrysanthemum, calla lily and magnolia, into one whole piece. Flowering period of the five different flowers alternates throughout the year, implying happiness all year round. This is a piece of transformable jewelry developed from traditional jade carving and metalworking. Hand carved natural nephrite jade and set in 18K gold with diamonds inlaid,corundum set in the centre. The flower bangle disassemble to 5 different petal pendants, a cocktail ring and a simple bangle for multiwear needs.

Blooming Blossom Multiwear Jewelry
Xincheng Zhang Blooming Blossom
Xincheng Zhang Multiwear Jewelry
Xincheng Zhang design
Xincheng Zhang design
Xincheng Zhang

Mr. Zhang has a background in visual arts, having worked extensively in the fields of design, sculpture, and painting. For Mr. Zhang, jewelry design is not only a means of creative expression, but also a medium through which he can convey his ideas and perspectives. He has a unique approach that involves exploring the contemporary applications of traditional culture and art. Mr. Zhang’s work is centered around considerations of history, preservation, and inheritance, which he uses to create meaningful pieces. His preference for nephrite, a material that has held significant cultural importance for the Chinese nation for thousands of years, is indicative of his deep understanding and respect for traditional culture. Mr. Zhang’s understanding of nephrite’s characteristics has allowed him to develop new applications of the material in jewelry design, while simultaneously inheriting and building upon traditional jade culture and techniques. This dedication to his craft has garnered recognition within the industry and established him as an innovative designer.

Xincheng Zhang

Xincheng Zhang has been designing and making bespoke fine jewelry, creating unique, original pieces from fine materials, including certified natural nephrite and jade, gold, diamonds, pearls and other precious stones. Each piece is made with traditional hand carving and contemporary metalworking techniques that reflects exquisite craftsmanship.