Sini Majuri Infinity Vessel Crown
Infinity Vessel Crown is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Award Category.
Infinity Vessel Crown

A glass crown embodies the value and uniqueness of an individual. Each piece fits only its wearer. The crown boldly mixes Haute couture fashion and glass, which are foreign to others. The personalized piece of jewelry also has a deep philosophical background. Power structures are transparent and can be broken. The crown takes a stand on how sensitive and strong a person is at the same time.

Infinity Vessel Crown
Sini Majuri Infinity Vessel
Sini Majuri Crown
Sini Majuri design
Sini Majuri design
Sini Majuri

Glass artist Sini Majuri works in Helsinki, Finland. Her works have been exhibited in the USA, Japan, China, Europe and Canada. She has also been awarded for her work at Beijing Fashion Week in China. She combines 3D-design with old glass blowing techniques. Many of her works are surrealistic stories captured inside blown glass.

Infinity Vessel

Infinity is a contemporary glass project by Finnish glass artists Sini Majuri and Marja Hepo-aho. The project mixes modern technology with classical art forms such as mouth blown glass.