Parachute Typefoundry The Stroke Typographic Coffee Mug
The Stroke Typographic Coffee Mug is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Category.
The Stroke Typographic Coffee Mug

Crafted from fine white porcelain and designed under the golden ratio principle, the typo mug reveals a typographic symbol of celestial importance with every sip you take. This mug is part of a series of decorative and functional objects which embody highly artistic practices with subtle yet distinct details and a hint of type. Set in Parachute Typefoundry's Centro typeface, this typo mug provides a deep soulful spirit with an eclectic mix of type, industrial design, and long experimentation. An homage to humanity's universal need for connectivity, unity, and peace.

The Stroke Typographic Coffee Mug
Parachute Typefoundry The Stroke
Parachute Typefoundry Typographic Coffee Mug
Parachute Typefoundry design
Parachute Typefoundry design
Parachute Typefoundry

Parachute® is an experimental space, a typographic playground expressed in a design studio, showroom and concept store under one roof with its creative hub Typeroom®. A place to experiment, play and create. Parachute's team is a small visionary group of type designers, graphic designers, font engineers and copywriters who have effectively collaborated with leading international organizations to incorporate complex custom type design into their brand’s strategic plan and convey their message in style. Parachute has effectively used the power of typography and designed proprietary typefaces for some of the world’s most iconic brands and institutions such as Bank of America, Apple, European Commission, National Geographic, Ikea, Kraft Foods, UEFA, Samsung, Financial Times, Pernod Ricard, Ogilvy, Emirates. Its work has earned numerous accolades around the world with top honours from TDC, Red Dot, European Design Awards, Tokyo TDC, HiiiBrand, Granshan Awards, Communication Arts and many others.


Letteres is a brand new line of limited edition products for design enthusiasts. This highly crafted collection -in the cross section of typography and design- epitomises our studio’s Living Type mindframe to distill everyday objects with emotional intelligence through timeless craftsmanship. A strictly type-rooted series for enduring aesthetics and easy-to-use functionality, Letteres expands Parachute Typefoundry's bold creative thinking into forms of finely detailed beauty. Made of durable, sustainable materials Letteres infuses everyday life with the art of typography opting for the rare sophisticated and subtle sense of exclusivity one holds dear. Unique elements of Living Type to share, appreciate and caress, Letteres is first and foremost our studio’s typographic love letter to the world.