BOLD Branding Mouled Bonbon Seasonal Packaging
Mouled Bonbon Seasonal Packaging is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Packaging Design Award Category.
Mouled Bonbon Seasonal Packaging

This is a packaging design for special bonbon sized nuts candy only made for the Mouled occasion. The design concept is based on the shape of a wrapped bonbon adapted to the length of the tube. The designer simplified the Mouled traditional folklore festival to minimal iconic elements using clear geometric lines. He created the Doll, Knight, Horse, Evil Eye, and Dove with vivid color blocks. Using the same geometric style, he created the Mouled Bonbon bold typography bringing the concept together. This Mouled Bonbon is a modern take on an ancient conventional celebration.

Mouled Bonbon Seasonal Packaging
BOLD Branding Mouled Bonbon
BOLD Branding Seasonal Packaging
BOLD Branding design
BOLD Branding design
BOLD Branding

Bold Branding is an agency established in 2012 in Cairo; founded by Kamal Rizk, Lead Designer, and Sarah El Kasaby, Managing Director. They strive to create better brands and identities to form unforgettable connections with lasting impact.Bold Branding is the gain of more than 18 years’ experience combined in the design and production market,serving all entities and business models in various fields.They are known for their goal-driven minimal designs, with a smart attractive element whether in the design or the production technique that always push their clients in the lead of competition.

Voila Dessert shop

Our client is a well known desserts shop in the Egyptian market; known for it’s high quality, unique products with sophisticated packaging designs and distinctive brand image. It started in 2018 in Cairo creating new and beautiful French desserts and chocolates. It started to gain the market hype and became known for their signature cakes and filled chocolate bonbons, and began to expand to more branches and locations and grew to be a strong competitor in the market in less than 4 years.