Updesign KK-Park Signage System
KK-Park Signage System is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
KK-Park Signage System

Located in the China-South Korea (Yancheng) Industrial Park, the site of a former playground, after renovation, was restored to a Sino-Korean cultural exchange leisure block. The site's mission is to publicize the city brand and promote South Korean culture. China is correlated with South Korea in terms of history and culture. The design deconstructs and rebuilds the Korean elements such as iconic ribbons of traditional Korean costume, the traditional Korean color "Obangsaek" and strokes characteristics of Korean characters.

KK-Park Signage System
Updesign KK-Park
Updesign Signage System
Updesign design
Updesign design

As the founder and leader of Updesign, Zhang Yi has seen the rapid development of environmental vision and signage designthroughout China and the world. Mr. Zhang and his team at Updesign have achieved an aesthetic presentation of spatial experience from multiple perspectives, such as planar expression, brand dissemination, environmental experience and user demand, which takes Updesign quickly to the top in this field. Updesign has also attracted many outstanding Chinese clients with user-experience thinking and international vision, such as Vanke, OCT, China Merchants Property and Poly Group, with which Updesign has established sound partnership.

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Value Design and Consulting (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in planning and design, architectural design and design research. We continue to pay attention to the essential value of the project, and take value as the starting point, construct the design logic, form the design method, propose solutions, and emphasize the realization and implementation of the design. "Look at urban resources from a new perspective and enhance urban values" is our core values. From the perspective of urban development, the degree of commercial sustainability of urban models, and the long-term protection of public interests, etc., gather cluster wisdom, conduct multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary discussion and evaluation of projects, judge the relationship between the city and its architecture, environment, and operation, and then provide a viable design scheme for the city.