Zihang Cheng Catom Mutifuctional Cat Hair Comb
Catom Mutifuctional Cat Hair Comb is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Pet Care, Toys, Supplies and Products for Animals Design Award Category.
Catom Mutifuctional Cat Hair Comb

The product is a set of cat hair cleaning tools, designed to facilitate the problem of cat users for the cleaning of scattered cat hair. The top of the product is the cat hair comb, which can remove a large amount of cat hair during the hair changing season. The lower part is the hair roller, which can remove the scattered and stuck cat hair. After use, the cat hair brush tail clasp can be stuck on the body of the hair roller to fix, when not in use can be hung.

Catom Mutifuctional Cat Hair Comb
Zihang Cheng Catom
Zihang Cheng Mutifuctional Cat Hair Comb
Zihang Cheng design
Zihang Cheng design
Zihang Cheng

Cheng Zihang,Born in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, China in 2001. Now he is studying in Nanchang University, pursuing a bachelor's degree in industrial design, has won more than 30 national awards at the provincial level, and is now a core member of Studio 425, participating in the Yifeeling Studio design, loves to find small problems in life and solve them, motto "small design also has big energy".

Nanchang University

Nanchang University (NCU) is a comprehensive university listed among the “the World First-class Disciplines” in the national “Double First-Class” Initiative of China, the only “211 Project” national key university in Jiangxi Province which is co-constructed by the Chinese Ministry of Education and Jiangxi Province, and the overall construction university of Jiangxi Province high-level universities construction project. Located in Nanchang, the City of Heroes, NCU consists of 4 campuses, which are Qian-Hu main campus, Qingshan-Hu campus, Dong-Hu campus and Poyang-Hu campus. Among them, the Qian-Hu main campus covers an area of more than 228 hectares and a building area of 1.5 million square meters.