Luo Dan from DDA Pullman Yuxi Yunnan Deluxe Five Star Hotel
Pullman Yuxi Yunnan Deluxe Five Star Hotel is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Pullman Yuxi Yunnan Deluxe Five Star Hotel

The project goal was to create a hotel in harmony with nature. The inspiration comes from the scenery of Yuxi, such as raindrops, cooking smoke, and clouds in the mountains. Using water as a medium to depict the colors of the panorama of Yuxi also adds a symbolic memory point to the hotel. The concept of artistic conception and imagery in Chinese painting is applied to the space, which is simple and elegant, reflecting the rich oriental beauty. While admiring the beautiful scenery, it also enables those gathered here to rediscover and define the relationship between human and nature.

Pullman Yuxi Yunnan Deluxe Five Star Hotel
Luo Dan from DDA Pullman Yuxi Yunnan
Luo Dan from DDA Deluxe Five Star Hotel
Luo Dan from DDA design
Luo Dan from DDA design
Luo Dan from DDA

Rodam Luo, a well-known designer in China, Master of POLIMI, Italy. He’s the chairman of DDA INTERNATIONAL HOTEL DESIGN LIMITED, Vice President of World Hotel Alliance, Best Designer of World Hotel, Leading figure in Chinese hotel design, China’s Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Interior Architect, Chinese Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Calligrapher.He was hired as a practical instructor by the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and Suzhou University in 2012. In the year, he was hired as a visiting professor by the Design Institute of Changsha University of Science and Technology. made a special report on his contribution to the field of hotel design and achievements in the field of “Promoting Youth for Shenzhen Design”. made a special interview on his growth stories. The Central People’s Broadcasting Station also interviewed him as the 'Chinese Cultural Industry Talent'. In 2014,his team successfully won the international bid for the first tallest building in China (729 meters of Suzhou Zhongnan Center) .The ability to participate in the design of this world-class landmark is the display of Chinese design on the world stage. The DDA team was also awarded by several institutions as “Best Design Agency of World Hotel Design China Zone” , “Design Institution of Top Ten Brand Hotels in China”.


DDA/Dan Design Associates is a professional organization specializing in high-end design worldwide. DDA was established by well-known designer Mr. Luo Dan and international partners. As the first integration organization of design industry chain in China.Based in Shezhen with satellite offices both in Hongkong and Germany,DDA is implementing the flowing services: planning, architecture, interior, art furnishings design and supply,project engineering as one-stop design and consultancy services for customers.