Shangqiu Lin Life Ark Outdoor Seats
Life Ark Outdoor Seats is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Garden and Outdoor Furniture Design Award Category.
Life Ark Outdoor Seats

This is an outdoor leaf like public seat. The design team uses leaves, grids and flow lines as design elements, making it both functional and decorative, so that it can be widely used in parks and scenic spots. Also, the reasonable integration of natural elements shows and promotes the concept of green life and enriches its connotation. In addition, the stainless-steel material effectively extends the service life of the product.

Life Ark Outdoor Seats
Shangqiu Lin Life Ark
Shangqiu Lin Outdoor Seats
Shangqiu Lin design
Shangqiu Lin design
Shangqiu Lin

浙江秋业园林建设工程有限公司成立 2015年,是一家追求优质服务的环境艺 术设计企业。拥有多名资深雕塑家、 秀的设计团队和专业的施工安装团队 完成了雕塑、水景、广场等百余个城 市的景观设计。 企业遵循“质量第一,信誉至上”的 务宗旨和“只有足够的积累才能不断 越”的原则,坚持大胆创新,努力为 社会创造更多的艺术作品,旨在为客 提供优秀的作品,合理的价格和完善 服务。

Zhejiang Qiuye Garden Construction Engineering Co., LTD

Founded in 2015, Zhejiang Qiuye Garden Construction Engineering Co., LTD is an environmental art design enterprise that pursues high-quality service. It boasts multiple senior sculptors, outstanding design teams and professional construction &installationteams, which has accomplished landscape design including sculptures, waterscape and squares over one hundred cities. Following the service tenet of “quality first, credibility first” and the principle of “Only enough accumulation leads to continuous transcendence”, the enterprise insists on boldinnovation and strives to create more art works for the society, which aims to provide customers with excellent works, reasonable prices and perfect service.