YongQing Liu Tea and Tea Branding
Tea and Tea Branding is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Tea and Tea Branding

Tea and Tea is a Chinese drink brand whose marketing strategy centers around Chinese tea latte. The logo consists of the lettering Tea and Tea and the Arabic numeral 2, which dominates the trademark and has a distinctive appearance due to the integration of a tea leaf. In combination with a clear, eye-catching color scheme and a straightforward stylistic idiom that informs, for instance, the packaging design and retail displays, Tea and Tea’s visual appearance achieves high brand recognition.

Tea and Tea Branding
YongQing Liu Tea and Tea
YongQing Liu Branding
YongQing Liu design
YongQing Liu design
YongQing Liu

Yong Qing Liu as the founder and creative director of Huathink Brand Design Company. He has successively served as Secretary General, President and Consultant of Shenzhen Graphic Design Association, Top Ten Outstanding Designers in China, Top Ten Annual Creative Design Figures in Shenzhen, Member of International CCII Corporate Image Research Institute, Member of Type Directors Club (TDC) in New York, Editorial board member of China Brand Yearbook and invited Font Designer of Founder Font. Mr. Liu’s works have won more than 300 awards in Chinese and international design competitions.

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Shenzhen Huathink Design CO.,LTD is a corporate image, brand, commercial real estate, urban tourism image design and communication promotion for the integration of comprehensive professional design institutions. We have conducted brand image integration and promotion design for dozens of listed companies and more than 100 large enterprises in China. For more than 10 years, we have become the first driving force for the rapid growth of many leading brands in the industry. We have created many classic cases and won many awards in design competitions at home and abroad.