Tanya Dunaeva Mugo Bottled Soda Label
Mugo Bottled Soda Label is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Packaging Design Award Category.
Mugo Bottled Soda Label

Mugo soda consists of four types of drinks that are Mocktails, Lemonades, Spicy syrups and Energetics. All the recipes are exclusively invented. The original approach in Product creations requires similar approach in Packaging Design. The solution to this problem is a Typographic one. It is based on the design of the classic label of traditional expensive alcoholic beverages, but in order to present the originality and novelty of the product, with a significant rethinking of the classics. The multi-layered and contrasting design structure makes design individual and remarkable.

Mugo Bottled Soda Label
Tanya Dunaeva Mugo
Tanya Dunaeva Bottled Soda Label
Tanya Dunaeva design
Tanya Dunaeva design
Tanya Dunaeva

Tanya Dunaeva is a Designer. Having a background and PhD at Industrial design, She is graduated Master Degree at Art-Direction in Graphic Design. She has more than 15 years experience in mainly B2B sector providing different Creative solutions for Advertising, POS, Printing, Events etc. as Art-director and Freelancer. Her experience in tutoring is more than 8 years. Her expertise is well applied to International Awards judging. She has more than 30 awards in Graphic Design, Packaging Design and Creativity.

Tanya Dunaeva

Tanya Dunaeva is a professional Packaging, graphic designer and art-director. Experienced in Creativity and Branding as well as freelancer and at local and international agencies like BBDO. She is a PhD in Arts and MA in Art-Direction with more than 6y of lecturing and tutorship. She is awarded by world famiuse awards in graphic design, Packaging design and Creativity, and active juror of several Awarsd like Davey, Communicator design...