Bywater Bannou Raincoat
Bannou Raincoat is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Category.
Bannou Raincoat

The all-weather versatile coat is a design masterpiece that perfectly balances functionality and style. It boasts impressive features such as water resistance, breathability, and windproof properties, making it suitable for any weather condition. The use of high-quality materials gives it a luxurious texture that is perfect for formal events, yet it can also be dressed down for a casual look by adding or removing the detachable hood. The traditional silhouette with modern accents is a timeless design that can be worn in any setting, including the business scene.

Bannou Raincoat
Bywater Bannou
Bywater Raincoat
Bywater design
Bywater design

We have launched an apparel brand for anglers, which is still rare in Japan. Through fashion items, I would like to help spread the wonderful culture of "fishing" that enriches our lives and make it more accessible to the world. Our products are designed not only to be worn stylishly at fishing spots, but also to be worn in the city and at the office with a design that does not appeal fishing too much. We will create such products.


Bywater is a brand for classy and stylish anglers, offering a fashion and fishing lifestyle that can be worn both in town and for fishing. The brand offers fashion items with water repellency and other functionalities so that they can be worn while fishing. The brand delights customers with its classy and stylish designs.