Youking Design Creeks Food Waste Treatment
Creeks Food Waste Treatment is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Industrial Equipment and Heavy-duty Appliances Design Award Category.
Creeks Food Waste Treatment

Designers started with the concept of sustainable development and designed this equipment together with customers. They hope to take the recycling of kitchen waste as an opportunity to let the environmental protection concept penetrate into every restaurant and family, and provide higher quality kitchen waste treatment services for remote islands, plateaus, and other places in need, which can not only reduce the environmental problems caused by kitchen waste but also reduce the pollution caused by back and forth transportation, contribute to carbon neutrality and sustainable development.

Creeks Food Waste Treatment
Youking Design Creeks
Youking Design Food Waste Treatment
Youking Design design
Youking Design design
Youking Design

Youking was founded in 1998, and its design focuses on the cultural and artistic interpretation of spatial environment brands. Combining with the project brand, Youking meticulously integrates the project brand culture into the visual communication system fields of indoor and outdoor decoration, garden landscape, etc. of the project building, establishes and strengthens the experience of environmental culture, improves the implementation and accurate expression of the environmental culture system. Youking Design has two major sections: Urban Detail Experience Design (UDED) and Environmental Graphics Design (EGD). Youking Design adheres to the concept of "making every design more social, humanistic, and public welfare worthy, and making society more beautiful due to our design". The eternal pursuit of Youking Design is to interpret art, continuously innovate, create a spatial cultural system, and create a better life.


Their company's vision is to take care of the earth and protect our homeland.