Yichun Lin Taichung Public Library Brand Identity
Taichung Public Library Brand Identity is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Taichung Public Library Brand Identity

As the first building in Taiwan to combine an art museum and a library, the creation of the branding system of Taichung Public Library focus on the fusion of nature and civilization. The design philosophy emphasizes the seamless integration of modern architecture with natural elements and aims to evoke a sense of freshness and inquisitiveness. The branding system fosters an atmosphere that encourages visitors to delve into the diverse cultural experiences the Library offers and enjoy the balance between contemporary civilization and the tranquility of the forest.

Taichung Public Library Brand Identity
Yichun Lin Taichung Public Library
Yichun Lin Brand Identity
Yichun Lin design
Yichun Lin design
Yichun Lin

Yichun Lin, a Taiwanese designer, excels at conveying her distinctive perspectives through painting and design. Based in New York, she operates as an independent designer and boasts a decorated career, having received several esteemed awards such as the Graphic Design USA, C2A, MUSE Creative Awards, VEGA Awards, and CQ Awards. Lin's artwork offers unparalleled insights and expressions on life and culture, characterized by daring hues, an adventurous spirit, and an inexhaustible passion for the arts and design.

Yichun Lin Design

Yichun Lin is a visual designer based in New York. She is a passionate, creative, and detail-oriented visual design professional at generating new, original graphic content and demonstrating thinking and communication skills in the group to achieve the goal. Always believe graphic design isn't just about communicating but also about the stories you're telling.