Ke-HsuanYang Corridor Restaurant
Corridor Restaurant is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Corridor Restaurant

The Corridor attracts a diverse clientele. The wine glass symbol on the architectural concrete means that this is where people can have a drink. The logo of the wine glass with a passionate red color attracts the eyes of visitors from far away. Sunlight pours into the other side of the latticed grates, and the floor to ceiling wooden door opens onto a retro brown sofa. The multi-layered lighting fixtures change and the black ironwork combined with the grey painted ceiling create a bar area with a vintage and rough industrial style.

Corridor Restaurant
Ke-HsuanYang Corridor
Ke-HsuanYang Restaurant
Ke-HsuanYang design
Ke-HsuanYang design

Use open cabinets and transparent partitions to divide public and private areas On the premise of maintaining the function of office space Let the sun shine on one side penetrate every corner Black, gray, and white are the main colors of Mugen in all calm tones We use different textures and materials Create a lively atmosphere space seems to be telling The ordinary life day after day Why don't we dig out those fine details Extending to every day in the future