Jin Zhang Huanghelou Beer Packaging
Huanghelou Beer Packaging is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Packaging Design Award Category.
Huanghelou Beer Packaging

The Yellow Crane Tower is the most famous landmark building in Wuhan, China. This series of beers are the city image cans launched by the Yellow Crane Tower. They recommend Wuhan to everyone through beer, a daily consumer product. And through the use of green, which represents vitality and health, and mysterious purple, to show the prosperity of the city from day to night. In terms of element selection, the designer searched for the most representative elements in various areas of the city to describe, and added character scenes to make the whole life more alive and closer to consumers.

Huanghelou Beer Packaging
Jin Zhang Huanghelou
Jin Zhang Beer Packaging
Jin Zhang design
Jin Zhang design
Jin Zhang

Zhang Jin, brand & packaging designers, beginning in 2008 engaged in design work, then founded Wuhan SANBU brand design concurrently hold the position of chief designer, He always takes "making designs that convey feelings" as his goal, and is committed to creating subversive brand and product packaging designs that make people fall in love at first sight. He sticks to his own design philosophy and has high requirements for the brands he works with, He only produces 10 designs annually, but he has won more than 100 awards, including: Graphis(Gold Award), A 'Design Award, Communication Arts Design Annual, MUSE Design Award (Highest platinum Award), New York Product Design Award, IDA International Design Award, DNA Paris Design Award, The Best Brand Awards, GOLDEN PIN DESIGN AWARD, China Star Design Award, CCII International Biennale Award, etc. He keeps exploring in the field of design, He is the practical mentor of 4 design schools in China, He is also the initiator and vice president of Designer Salon in Wuhan, China. He is passionate about life and design, and enjoys the joy of each creation.


The Yellow Crane Tower, located in Wuhan, Hubei Province, is a landmark building in Wuhan; It was built in the second year of Wu Huangwu (223) of the Three Kingdoms and rebuilt in 1985. Since ancient times, it has been reputed as the "World's Wonderful Scenery". It is the first of the "Ten Great Sceneries of Wuhan", one of the "Four Famous Buildings in Ancient China", and one of the "Ten Famous Historic and Cultural Buildings in China". It is also known as the "World's First Building".