杭州沉浸数字科技有限公司 BLUBLU IMMERSIVE Blossom Wonder Interactive Installation
Blossom Wonder Interactive Installation is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Installation Design Award Category.
Blossom Wonder Interactive Installation

This interactive art installation, titled Blossom Wonder, reimagines the concept of "flower cultivation" by seamlessly blending digital innovation with realistic landscapes, making it an ideal feature for this year's Design Yearbook. This innovative fusion introduces an intelligent ecosystem to the traditional natural garden, showcasing the inherent vitality of plants and flowers. Through its vivid portrayal of life's messages and energy, Blossom Wonder aims to inspire viewers, offering a rejuvenating and healing experience for each individual.

Blossom Wonder Interactive Installation
杭州沉浸数字科技有限公司 BLUBLU IMMERSIVE Blossom Wonder
杭州沉浸数字科技有限公司 BLUBLU IMMERSIVE Interactive Installation
杭州沉浸数字科技有限公司 BLUBLU IMMERSIVE design
杭州沉浸数字科技有限公司 BLUBLU IMMERSIVE design

Qiaochu Lv is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and visionary in the field of immersive technology. As the founder of BLUBLU IMMERSIVE, he has established a reputation for excellence in integrating cutting-edge art and technology to develop products that have captured the imagination of audiences worldwide. Qiaochu's expertise lies in the commercialization of immersive industry products, and he has been recognized globally for his innovative projects and products. His work has earned him numerous accolades, including awards and features from renowned organizations such as MUSE and IF award. Qiaochu's commitment to excellence and his passion for exploring the boundaries of technology continue to drive his success in this dynamic field.

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