Ximena Ureta Rivalta Wine Packaging
Rivalta Wine Packaging is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Packaging Design Award Category.
Rivalta Wine Packaging

Rivalta is an elegant brand, with a long trajectory and deep sense of origin. It comes from one of the highest vineyards in the Maipo Valley, known as Cerro Blanco, with an altitude of 1,000 meters on the Andes. This condition allows to produce very expressive wines with a deep color, great body, acidity and aromas. This location has become the heart of Santa Ema's iconic wines. Rivalta is a limited production blend, which is made every year using the best 20 barrels of the winery’s red strains.

Rivalta Wine Packaging
Ximena Ureta Rivalta
Ximena Ureta Wine Packaging
Ximena Ureta design
Ximena Ureta design
Ximena Ureta

She is a designer who can harmonically communicate, with an artistic and aesthetic sense, while meeting the strategic objective of her clients.

Santa Ema

The beginnings of Santa Ema go back to the beginning of the 20th century, when Mr. Pedro Pavone Voglino, an Italian immigrant, sportsman and businessman, discovered a Terroir on Isla de Maipo where our headquarters are still located today. The founder, together with his son Félix Pavone Arbea, a great entrepreneur and visionary, started the wine company Vinos Santa Ema in 1956. Providing it with an advanced industrial infrastructure for the development and management of high-quality bottled wines. From then on, Santa Ema opened up to Chile and the world, beginning its exports, in a solid and uninterrupted growth process, which today reaches more than 30 destination countries in the hands of the third and fourth generation of the family.