Akin Budakoglu Risefit Outdoor Fitness
Risefit Outdoor Fitness is Silver Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Sporting Goods, Fitness and Recreation Equipment Design Award Category.
Risefit Outdoor Fitness

Risefit is an outdoor fitness series with strong and bold properties. It displays and provides what indoor gym equipment can and allows even more. Risefit outdoor fitness equipment is designed and constructed with a fresh angle and, aimed to give out a strong and energetic feeling. It is built to match demanding physical training goals with consideration of fitness level or ability. This product family presents an outdoor gym experience and it creates sustainable and preferable options. The demand to train outside was the main inspiration for this product.

Risefit Outdoor Fitness
Akin Budakoglu Risefit
Akin Budakoglu Outdoor Fitness
Akin Budakoglu design
Akin Budakoglu design
Akin Budakoglu

I work for an urban furniture design company Budero as a product developer. Budero's design approach always demands more from its staff. Even if we are making a product that is very simple and often made by different people, we think about what extra value we can add to it. In doing so, we constantly simplify operations. In-office communication, communication with customers, business perspective, etc. We believe it should be lean. Because we believe that a correct design is achieved by simplifying, not adding.

Umut Playground & City Equipments

Umut Playground & City Equipments is a firm that operates in creating playgrounds and urban furniture since 1994. The company motto is to construct products that follow the daily trends while mixing past knowledge and adding them to today’s value-added products. This second-generation firm focuses on production, design, and marketing while handling them professionally.