Kaifeng Zhang Rocha Cook Restaurant
Rocha Cook Restaurant is Bronze Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Rocha Cook Restaurant

Rocha cook is a restaurant located in the middle of Longquan Mountain in Chengdu, China. It faces the beautiful urban area of Chengdu and sits in plants surrounded by green trees. Through designer design, the old houses that were idle here are completely transformed. The white buildings are integrated with some wall devices, and the boundless swimming pool shows the city scenery. Due to Chengdu's geographical reasons, the sunshine is very precious, so it was rated as "the most beautiful sunset restaurant in Chengdu" by guests.

Rocha Cook Restaurant
Kaifeng Zhang Rocha Cook
Kaifeng Zhang Restaurant
Kaifeng Zhang design
Kaifeng Zhang design
Kaifeng Zhang

Kaifeng Zhang, a naturalistic architect, graduated from Sichuan Academy of fine arts and the founder of Zhang Kaifeng architectural design firm. The design technique is good at deconstructing a set of expression forms in line with modern aesthetics and cognition in the classical architectural structure based on naturalism and oriental aesthetics. It interprets elegant, artistic and fashionable works through modern materials combined with current popular colors, maintains its own unique aesthetic standards in the field of architecture and interior design, and successfully shapes one modern space with naturalistic charm after another.

Zhangkaifeng Architectural Design Firm

It has been eight years since the establishment of Zhangkaifeng architectural design office, which has been adhering to the principle that "for each project created by hand, it is not only a" Tao "in modeling, but also a" ritual "in the connotation of traditional cultural values" We have always adhered to the mode of one project, one team and one-to-one service for Party A. We always believe that a good project is a process of providing mass art aesthetics and conveying self-concept based on sustainable profit.