Ezgi Gok and Ismail Malcok Booxpace Mobile Application
Booxpace Mobile Application is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Category.
Booxpace Mobile Application

Booxpace is an office reservation application developed for companies that have a hybrid work model. With Booxpace, employees can create reservations with details like parking and dining options. According to the capacity in the time period, they choose, follow the current capacity status of the reservation, and review their upcoming reservations and even their colleagues who have made the same reservation as themselves.

Booxpace Mobile Application
Ezgi Gok and Ismail Malcok Booxpace
Ezgi Gok and Ismail Malcok Mobile Application
Ezgi Gok and Ismail Malcok design

Booxpace is an office reservation application that offers flexible, safe and employee-oriented solutions suitable for changing business models. The whole capacity and reservations of the office could be managed by Booxpace based on the criteria’s defined by the the company like maximum office day control based on a department, a team, an employee or total capacity of a building or a meeting room, etc. With Booxpace, employees can book all available spaces at the office such as location (if the company has more than one location), building (if the company has more than one building), meeting room, dining hall, cafeteria, parking lot, gym, etc. Thanks to the mobile application compatible with all IOS and Android devices, office reservations are made in seconds. As it is a mobile application, companies could use Booxpace as a communication tool with their employees. Through mobile notifications, tips and tricks (like weather on the day an employee booked a slot at the office), events and training announcements or internal announcements could be provided to the employees instantly. Booxpace also provides analysis about the use of workplace and demand for the resources like most frequently used spaces, distribution of people by locations or demands for dining hall, services, parking lots, etc. It enables companies to develop sustainability strategies to improve resource efficiency based on the data. Furthermore, Booxpace has some advanced functions for companies need customized solutions like check – in, panic button (in case of an emergency, it enables companies to determine if an employee is in safe or not) active directory integration, Outlook/Teams integration, and so on. All in all, by developing Booxpace, our visison is to support companies to provide an employee experience supporting hybrid work model which meets the next generation employee expectations and work habits.