Henrich Zrubec Krivina Side Table
Krivina Side Table is Iron Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Furniture Design Award Category.
Krivina Side Table

The idea behind Krivina side tables was to create simple yet unusual design for a bedroom. A concept of a shelf which could be partially hidden, so your private possession can remain invisible. Another desired feature was to maintain the worktop clear to underline a minimalistic design. The bedside table comes in two sizes but endless variations of colors which makes it perfect for variety of environments.

Krivina  Side Table
Henrich Zrubec Krivina
Henrich Zrubec Side Table
Henrich Zrubec design
Henrich Zrubec design
Henrich Zrubec

Henrich Zrubec aims for function in design, he believes that form should follow the function, especially in design. Inspired by work of Bauhaus and with the beauty of natural wood, he created several furniture objects. He is known for using the traditional folklore elements and crafts, transforming it into functional details. After 7 years working in London for several interior design companies, he moved back to Slovakia, where he started to build his own furniture workshop. He specials on CNC produced objects.

Henrich Zrubec

As a designer he started to work in industry during study at Slovak Technical University in Bratislava in 2004. He gained a lot of experience in sales design industry, but he felt that he wanted to do more creative stuff. That was the reason why he started to work on personal design projects. These days he is building up a small workshop to be able to produce his furniture projects.