Dmitry Kudinov Ronin Silkscreen Print
Ronin Silkscreen Print is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Ronin Silkscreen Print

The character Ronin emerged as a result of exploring the author's values as a foundation for building a personal brand. The character became a reflection of the key values of the author Dmitry Kudinov, the slogan Deeper Roots Stronger Branches emphasizes the worldview and professional approach of the author. The project began back in 2014, the created illustration was implemented in the format of limited edition prints together with Screen Print Studio. The entire implementation process took about a month of work, every detail was important, from the choice of paper to the final print quality.

Ronin Silkscreen Print
Dmitry Kudinov Ronin
Dmitry Kudinov Silkscreen Print
Dmitry Kudinov design
Dmitry Kudinov design
Dmitry Kudinov

I am multidiscipline creative specialist, try to work with details of culture and historical context, if i have some, i try to learn more information about process from first step till last. Open to everything new, traveling makes my horizont of mind wider.


Dmitry Kudinov (LIL-DEE) Russia, Kazan City. Curator and producer of creative urban projects, art director, artist, designer, illustrator, speaker, tutor, expert in contemporary street art. Ideological inspirer and founder of the Art Embassy Supernova, author of the project Memorandum - street art with historical context, author of the "damned graffiti" on FIFA 2018, street artist since 2000. Experience in: design, branding, art management, business development, urban development, industrial design, marketing, social engineering.