Ivo Andric Iko Hanging Chair
Iko Hanging Chair is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Office Furniture Design Award Category.
Iko Hanging Chair

A levitating sphere, a focus capsule, a refuge for the senses. Not just a hanging chair, but a functional design object. A retreat in the middle of an open office. The form was chosen in such a way that the object can integrate well into the most diverse environments. After analysing the basic geometric bodies, the icosahedron was quickly found as one of the five Platonic solids (regular polygons). Hence the name: iko. The iko can be used as a retreat to read, focus on something, make a phone call, work, take a power nap or simply chill.

Iko Hanging Chair
Ivo Andric Iko
Ivo Andric Hanging Chair
Ivo Andric design
Ivo Andric design
Ivo Andric

Long employed by various manufacturers, he is not a well-known designer, but has rather worked quietly on designs and the development of his employers' products. Just like his career, his products combine proven craftsmanship, modern production techniques and high-quality materials. He places great value on sustainable product development, using natural, renewable or recycled materials, the shortest possible supply chains and sustainable processes to create a product that is as environmentally friendly as possible - throughout its entire life cycle.

Spacious AG

Spacious AG is a studio with a focus on design and development in the field of workplace wellbeing and wellness. From the idea, through design and product development, to production and market launch, they treat every project with the utmost care. Their values are based on working in the most sustainable way possible. Already during the creation of a product, they pay great attention to the conservation of resources. They pay attention to short transport routes and rely on near-sourcing. They love natural, renewable and ecological materials. Spacious AG combines high craftsmanship with the latest manufacturing techniques. Their products are made in selected manufactories to maintain high flexibility and uncompromising quality with small series.