Jesvin Yeo 3D Embossed Book
3D Embossed Book is Golden Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Print and Published Media Design Award Category.
3D Embossed Book

The book uses 3D embossing to document and highlight the intricate details of the works meticulously crafted by traditional Singaporean artisans, from paper dragon boats and Indian jewelry to Peranakan beaded shoes. The color pages symbolize the rise and fall of traditional crafts, as the industry begins its developmental period (dull) to its golden age (yellow) and gradually fades (white). A pastel chalk is attached for readers to shade the pages and discover the lost arts of this intangible cultural heritage of Singapore, as only we humans can safeguard, support and bring it back.

3D Embossed Book
Jesvin Yeo 3D Embossed
Jesvin Yeo Book
Jesvin Yeo design
Jesvin Yeo design
Jesvin Yeo

Jesvin Yeo, who trained at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London, is a multidisciplinary designer who explores natures and consequences of historical and contemporary cultural changes, in particular areas related to Asian Material Culture and Heritage Studies. Of her core art and design interests, are the confluences of cultural elements, cultural identities and tradition, and their interface with emerging elements of the modern contemporary world. Jesvin founded Designing Cultures Studio which produced award-winning works that have been featured in international design publications including Wallpaper*, HOW Magazine, Communication Arts, PRINT and Applied Arts, as well as exhibited at galleries and museums in Berlin, London, Washington D.C, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei and Beijing. Among 55 international design awards she received are the prestigious Red Dot Award (Communication Design), German Design Award, GOOD DESIGN™ Award and iF Communication Design Award.