Elena Gamalova Al Mocha Port Coffee Packaging
Al Mocha Port Coffee Packaging is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Packaging Design Award Category.
Al Mocha Port Coffee Packaging

A series of packaging designs for Al Mocha Port, Saudi Arabia. Design is inspired by history, culture, and provenance to create an identity that reinforced authenticity and expertise. The packaging is clean, understandable, distinguished, and not overloaded with information, bridging the past and the present. Navy Blue, Forest Green, and Gold colors aim to attract customer attention. The coffee illustration on the sides emphasizes the attentive attitude of the manufacturer to the product selection. A flexible labeling system allows the brand to adapt the offering easily, throughout the year.

Al Mocha Port Coffee Packaging
Elena Gamalova Al Mocha Port
Elena Gamalova Coffee Packaging
Elena Gamalova design
Elena Gamalova design
Elena Gamalova

Elena Gamalova has been working in the design field for more than 10 years, from startups to global brands and institutions. During her career so far, almost half of which she has spent in Paris, she contributed to the development of visual identities, brand strategies, cross-channel promotional campaigns, product development, and packaging. Her work was featured in Packaging of the World, the Dieline, World Brand Design Society, Best of Branding. One of her latest packaging projects - is part of the 10 best and most appreciated projects of May 2020, on Packaging of the World. She believes that design can contribute to our society and be considered as a strategic and problem-solving tool.

Al Mocha Port

Al Mocha Port imports and exports specialty coffee and accessories. The brand values traditional cultivation, made by small producers, and coffee unique in flavor and aroma.